Hello.  Welcome to my website.  I am a dancer,  teacher, and  student of Bharata Natyam, an Indian classical dance form of South India.

About Shailaja Maru-Jauhari:

Shailaja is an artist and educator based in Maryland.   She began her Bharata Natyam training at the Darpana Academy in India and thereafter with Chaula Thakar in Michigan. In 1993, she was fortunate to meet Prof. CV , Jaya Chandrasekhar and Manjari Rajendra with whom she began to learn about the depth and nuances of the dance form. She completed her Arangetram (a debut art performance) under their guidance in Chennai in 2002.  In 2003, Prof. CV Chandrasekhar introduced Shailaja to Mrs. Radha Ganesan in Maryland. She continues to grow as a dancer with Mrs. Ganesan, a highly reputed educator, a sensitive and powerful performing artist.

As a performer, Shailaja has been dancing with Dakshina: Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company in Washington D.C. since 2006.  She continue to hone her skills in dance through workshops with renowned artists such as Leela Samson, Bragha Bessel, V.P. and Shanta Dhanajayans.  Most recently she co-produced “On the Temple Path”, a dance production of two friends exploring the architectural and spiritual space of a temple and their lives.  This production was possible due to the Individual Artist Award she received from the Montgomery County Council of Arts for 2010-2011.